Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Middle Aged Women and Saddles

Oeeeerrrrr Matron!

No I am not getting all smutty here - more just a thing I have noticed in the past week (well about 4 times). I have recently become aware of a large proportion of 40 - 50 year old women whom seem to be cycling with their saddle so low (to the lowest it will go in fact) that I am concerned I am missing a new trend of just simply the fact that they may be stealing their children's bike and sneaking off for a quick peddle.

Now I am not going to sit here and give advice on saddle height: 
  1. I am stupid about anything sensible relating to biking. 
  2. Google it - it has already been written about more times than Brittany getting out of a car.
But I am intrigued by the fact that I have seen this so often recently - maybe this has been going on for ages? Maybe it is only because I have only recently started looking at cyclists and seeing how they ride or what they are wearing? Has this been going on for long?

I do get the point - some people feel more comfortable riding with their saddle lower - I myself deliberately started off with my saddle fractionally lower and raised it a little once I felt more at ease on a bike - but it is only these women (and yes it is only the 40 - 50 year old women I have seen)  that seem to be riding with the saddle at such a very low level - I am sure it cannot even be comfortable?

So am I missing a new style here?

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