The Daily Commute

A list of posts that basically cover the things that happen to me during the daily (or whenever I have the strength and the weather is nice) commute into work, the questions it raises or the funny things I see.

The Courier - pretty self explanatory title I think.

The Daily Commute 2 - plenty of spills and thrills and embarrassing moments.

Daily Commute 2 (part b) - so much passed through my empty head this week I had to make it into 2 posts - this is the second part.

Daily Commute - a curious accident - Ouch. - why oh why does it always happen to me?

So Close! - Once again I charge headlong into life - sadly this time a car got in the way!

Speed Cameras - why can't I get it to take a picture of me?

Traffic Lights - why some people need to stop (all the time).

Pot Holes Part Deux - more thoughts on Pot Holes and Blue Routes.

Let those muscles ache - a mighty push to get up to cycling into work 5 days a week - will it end up with me pushing my bike?

Getting Wet - Riding in the rain - but getting fitter.

A first time for everything - So I got my first puncture, this is how easy it was to deal with it and the equipment used (comes under the heading of "helpful advice". 

The Joy that is Winter - time for a few more layers and to keep on peddling - or not as the case seems to be for many