Just a page of Links related to cycling that I like, or have had the decency to add a link to this site (please).

Evans Cycles - mostly London based chain of cycle shops. I really like these guys, they have given me a ton of buying of advice (helped by the fact I buy a ton). There prices are keen and often cheaper than eBay and alike, this I find very impressive as the shop I go to is in central London where you would expected to be paying more - the reviews on their site are also very informative.

Going Going Bike - I really Rate this site - it has some really good articles (often written by contributors) that deal directly with the things we bike commuters face daily. I find myself going more a more often to this site first.

London Cyclist Blog - basically the place where I got the ides to do a blog of my own - full of good and sensible advice.

Cycling Info - Obviously an Oxford based cycle maniac's blog - but once again very informative, what I also like is it has a nice spread of issues and information - it is not just focused on one aspect of cycling.

It's not a race - guess this is what people like me do - though we try not to let others know we are! Good fun - give it a go now all the summer cyclists are out on the road. from the website:
"Now The Game has a name and that name is ‘Silly Commuter Racing’, itself a hollow denial of the seriousness with which The Game is played. Mock if you will, but eventually you will come to realise that we do not play The Game, no The Game plays us."

Bike Radar - A sensible all encompassing website - with genuine advice, tips and product reviews

Get that pothole filled in! - An iPhone app that enable you to report pothole easily - get it!

Real Cycling - I love this blog, shame it is not currently being updated as the guy is away but I really appreciate where he is coming from - even if it is a
different angle to me.

I Bike London - A fellow cycling enthusiast, maybe a little more political than me (isn't everyone) but I like the gentle style of the posts and I also reading about other cyclist telling a little about themselves.

Crap Cycling and Walking in Waltham Forest - came accross this by accident, but it is imformative and about cycling in London and elsewhere - it is well informed and written , well worth a regular read.

101 Wankers - A females cyclists experiences of Drivers / Pedestrians in London. A good sacatic writing style for you to enjoy. Think the design needs a bit if work though.

Cycling Lawyer - interesting, fellow mid life cyclist like myself and also has a handy knowledge of law, far aside from the usual bollox I talk.

Cyclist in the city - another sensible blog dealing with real issue of cycling in London - go here when bored of the rubbish I post on this blog.

Vole O'Speed - I really like this blog - you can tell it is written by someone who is insightful and intelligent, he makes an effort to look into various angles of the issues facing cyclists - I just wish he would use the word average instead of mode - it confuses simpletons like me who keep thinking of the phrase "mode of transport".

Tlatet: Bicyle: A fellow middle aged cyclist.

Commute By Bike: useful site aimed at the commuter cyclist with plenty of useful information. 

Mandie's Bikes and Beyond - site from a Portland cyclists, just talking about cycling in general and around Portland and also some of the more quirky side of cycling.