Health and Fitness

When I first planned this Blog - I had no expectation of putting up a page to health, fitness and training. But I have noticed how I have become more interested in this as I have progressed in cycling and therefore by dint of this I assume other mambos will be as well - so here is a page of specific links to post s on this topic - enjoy.

The benefits of a bit of gym - basically the first post on this topic where I discovered what a big difference a bit of weights can help achieve

A little more on weight training - a nice not overly complicated article I have reproduced here on this Blog.

Time to Recover - how to get fit quicker fitter, don't push yourself too hard.

Learning to Pedal Properly - my adventure into improved peddling technique and how this lead to making some adjustment to the bike setting - what I learned and some stunning improvements to my average speed.