General Thoughts on cycling

This is a list on links to articles on the Blog that relate to general thoughts on cycling - nothing in particular just my musing on varied subjects that jump into my mind.

Cycling with the wife - a pleasant experience but with it ups and downs (fnarr fnarr)

Middle aged women and saddle height - a worry trend I may or may not have noticed (probably neither).

Those little fibs we tell - just how fast and how far do people really go - does it put you off cycling in the first place?

I have a dream - trying to get the family to go out together for the day on the bikes.

Internal Combustion Engine Vs. The bike - so what is better?

Bad Wind - why is the wind always knocking me backwards on my way home?

Been Away - just got back from a disastrous holiday

The Fear - can I really cope with a 70 mile ride so early in my cycling life?

Comments or lack of - why does no-one post comments here?

Cry Freedom - why I think I am becoming addicted to cycling and why you should try it.

The politics of cycling - find out how a knowledge of cycling can teach you things political commentators don't even know yet.

General cycling things on the web last weekend. just a post about some more general things on the web I read (cycling related).

How to make cycling popular - at last a serious post from me about cycling and how to get what we need to cycle safely.

Three Feet Law - every cyclist owes it to themselves to push for this.

Learning to Peddle properly - my attempts and surprising results from trying to actually have a proper technique.

Getting to a meeting early for once - the advantages of using the bike during the working day.

The Politics of cycling Part 2  - See I told you so!

The Good with the bad - my recent trip to hospital for an operation and the good cycling news whilst there.

Back to the issue of promoting cycling - here we go again - this time I am going to annoy all the wind farm advocates.

Am I a traitor to my own cause - why I don't always practice what I preach.

Things that have changes since I started cycling - what I used to do and what I don't do any more.

Its Been a While - back in the saddle after a 6 week break due to an actual break.