Rants and Raves

What would a blog from a middle aged man be without some grumpy rants - a list of them (which I fully expect to grow with alacrity) is below - I shall try and keep them cycling related but I have much built up anger to deal with:

Buses - So what cycling rant and raves section would be complete without a post regarding buses?

Stop Thief! - A look at bycle theft, all the hidden costs and what can we do to reduce it, both personally and at a political level.

A Holy Rant - the in's and out's (well mostly in's) about potholes and how we can deal with the problem

Just because it's Friday - Pot Holes - a serious link about the dangers of pot holes.

Cars and Drivers to Avoid - a list of the worst makes of cars / drivers / car type, all so you know who to avoid.

Eco Warrior Alert - Cars and bikes need to get along (except taxis) I know I need my car.

Positive Taxation - why are Governments always punishing car drivers to get people onto bikes - why not promote cycling through positive taxation - paying people to cycle.

Cry Freedom - why I think I am becoming addicted to cycling and why you should try it. 

Speed Cameras - why can't I get them to work?

Experience Counts - why these go faster young whipper snappers have a thing or two to learn from us Granddads.