Friday, 8 April 2011

Daily Commute - a curious accident - Ouch.

Right now I am working on a long post about how to get more people on their bikes (very Norman Tebbit of me) in London. But I had a bit of a weird accident on my way to work today so I thought I would just post about it and let you have a laugh at my expense again.

It was a lovely morning today – sun shining, I set off at 08:30 as usual (having failed to leave at 08:15 despite getting up 30 minutes earlier) and I had stretched properly before leaving so I was feeling comfortable. 

About one mile into my morning commute I have a nice long downward slope and here provided cars don’t block me I can bomb along at 30mph (though I curse the same hill on my way home at night). So there I am full of the joys of spring, going on at a good lick, when all of a sudden one of the lenses falls out of my sunglasses, given that aforementioned sunglasses cost me an arm and a leg I immediately slammed the brakes on – worried that some following car would drive over it. 

As usual my mind being on my glasses and also wondering how the hell it even happened I forgot all about my cleats – and as usual a comedy dismount ensued, this time though I fell to my left onto the pavement. As I type this I am dealing a large amount of pain in my left shoulder – damn sunglasses!

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