Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Some useful Info and a comment on the riots.

Having had an issue with my gears that meant I could not get either the top or alternatively the bottom gear at the same time meant quite a lot of fiddling around for me till I got it right - the kinda learn as you go approach (who needs a manual)?

Anyway to help you out of this problem Bike Radar has posted a video on how to tune your bikes gears and brakes. Some of the info is fairly obvious and the guy is working on a rather top end road bike but it does offer some very helpful information for us DIY basic bike maintenance people. You can go to the page HERE
But being the useful person that I am this is a direct link to the video itself http://bcove.me/ipt5aebn

Also a little link with loads of useful transport data HERE need some actual data to win / support arguments with then you will find a load of it here.

A couple of facts insights on the London Riots.

1) Why is it that there are always loads of cyclists at riots? Don't these people know what a bad image of cyclists they are setting - yep like I am sure that is on their mind at the time

2) Secondly the most stupid thing I heard on the BBC news channel was when some journalist wrote (not quoted verbatim) "one of the saddest things I saw was a large group of Turkish Kurds armed with sticks chasing after the rioters because they were sick of the damage they were doing to their shops - this riot has turned community against community"

Oh come on get real you liberal twat - this was not community against community - this was a group of working people who were sick of having their shops / lives, destroyed and looted by a bunch of scum and decided to group together and stop it. It was community taking action against scum not community Vs. community.

By the way I cycled through Lewisham and Catford this morning on my way to work - the damage was there but not so great. But I am very disappointed in Twitter and how people are spreading false rumours of riots - to look at most posts on twitter you would think half of Bromley was on fire - instead it was a minor skirmish on the High Street with the police and a TV shop looted - seen that many times on a Friday night.

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