Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Prudential ride London 100 - my thoughts

Well this is going to be quick!

I don't have one, because I didn't get a place on it! What a total waste that was - pay all my London taxes and mayoral charge and don't even get a paid place on a sportive for it - moan moan moan.... I still got the spam mail on how to train for a 100 mile sportive from Prudential - thanks it wasn't needed on a number of levels, not least because it was just rubbing salt in the wound.

Two things, firstly I hope they keep a list of who they rejected this time and offer a place to them next year and secondly went on the traffic free spin around central London on the Saturday - all in all this was well organised so well done to them for that, but an 8 mile spin with a large number of erratic riders coupled with a bottle of champagne at the half way point I don't think is going to help improve my fitness much.

Anyway congratulations to those that did the ride and to those that pulled up for things other than accidents - well I best keep my thoughts to myself. The most disappointing element of the weekend for me (other than the abject rejection I was feeling) was the poor camera work on the men's race - who exactly was in the peloton? Makes you realise how well things like the TDF are filmed.

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