Monday, 25 February 2013

Sick, Sick and Tired and Sick

Pointless post time! I really think the only reason for writing it is so I can at least pretend I am doing something bike related.

I have flu (real flu not man flu) and it just wont clear up fully - a week off work and then last week was very stop start with me going into work but really struggling to complete anything and then collapsing in bed as soon as I got home - often not waking until the next morning - or worse yet, waking in the middle of the night and then not being able to fall asleep again, leading to me being even more tired the next day and I have just spent the majority of the last weekend in bed. My main problem is that I seem to have the immune system of a one week old ancient Aztec bay that has not been breast fed.

I wouldn't mind but I was just turning the corner on my fitness and starting to get some benefit from the hours spent on the turbo trainer, now I feel like I am back at square one and I am still not recovered! This is all very depressing and all the more so when you have dreams of being a biking god in the ensuing summer (well I can dream can't I)?

I am sure this all a lot worse for cyclists / athletes, not only is a cold / virus robbing you of your current day but also robbing you of all your previous hard work and fitness gains - I shall now stamp my feet and say "it's not fair"! So I head into the vicious cycle that is illness - the weather is fine for cycling into work - but I am not well enough and I end up being crammed into a train with the army of the great unwashed with all their variations of the flu virus, maybe by next winter I will be well enough to cycle into work and then the snow will force me back onto the train (or the flu incubator as I now call it).

As you tell from this post - I am not in the best of places currently. I think I need a "crook cyclist" group therapy session - actually cancel that - they will just pass on their various colds to me as well.

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