Thursday, 28 March 2013

Just how long?

Please come out to play!
Pre-Christmas I was on a roll. I was really pushing the fitness levels up and the weight was coming off to a very competitive level. Then I got flu (as mentioned previously) I haven't even looked at my bike for 3 months!

Last night, with more than a little trepidation having spent so much time away from the bike, I got on the saddle with the turbo trainer. The idea was that I would spend 40 minutes peddling at a cadence of 90 with little resistance, just to get the legs used to the idea that they are part of the body of someone who owns a bike.

Well the 40 minutes was done - this morning the body and legs feel no pain but I have to admit my heart was not in it at all. I think it is the thought of all the effort I went to in getting to a fitness level that was to be the platform for greater things this year - now I have to start all over again and really the end of March is too late to make the summer into a stellar affair. Yes I can build the fitness up again but it is going to be the end of May or June before I get back to where I was in December - all in all it is very depressing.

The other problem was that the whole 40 minutes dragged by - there was no endorphins rush, just the dreadful realisation that I have to do this now or sell the bikes. I have never felt this before but I know I have to grind out the next few weeks and get back to my love of cycling and the feeling of pleasure it gave me. For me this pleasure is only really there when you at a reasonable level of fitness - then for me, a ride is more fun.

So here's to the next few weeks of grind - I only hope we get some sort of summer this year so I can have some nice weekend rides and the commute is a sunshine drenched amble rather than a cold and wet drag.

Edit (18 April 2013): Well since writing this post I GOT ANOTHER COLD! So it was not till last night that I managed to get on the bike again, I now officially give in on getting anything done this year.

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