Friday, 1 July 2011

A round up of Links for the week.

Although not a consistent week for me - I have taken note a few links that I found interesting over the week and that I think other middle aged cyclists will as well (and probably others) - so here follows a list of good recent links for you perusal, you may have seen some but others may be new:

A website I found this week (I will be adding it to my Links page) "Commute by Bike". It has plenty of useful information aimed at the commuter cyclist. 

A lot of twitter chat this week on bike saddles, or more precisely "no-nose" saddles - apparently it helps to keep you working properly in the nether regions - this led to the quote of the week by BikesnobNYC "about as useful as making my sofa more aerodynamic" anywhere here is the post that started it all off from the New York Times. Also here is a post by BikeNoob talking more about some of the saddles on offer and his opinion on the whole saddle thing.

There next follows a link to the San Francisco Chronicle - this I think is a very important article for the middle aged cyclist - I will keep my powder dry here because I intend to do a longer post about this later but basically statistics have shown that the middle aged cyclist is the largest growing group of cyclists in this area.

Another article about making the step to commuting by bike  

Health and Economic assessment of Cycling - you daily commute - by how much is it increasing your life expectancy! Well worth a go if you sometimes wonder why you take the risks of cycling (even though in my opinion they are minimal).

Bike Week Survey: Nearly half of British households that own bikes don't use them - article from Road CC.  

DfT - cyclist casualty rates for the year : CTC says rate of deaths among cyclists not falling quickly enough.  

Taking you bike with you on holiday - some ideas on how best to achieve this, an article from-Cycling 360. 

Evans bike shop - for those who shop there, a voucher for free water bottle if you spend over £25.

That enough links for now - hope there is some new stuff up there for you to read.



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