Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some fun for the weekend 2

It has been so serious mambo land recently, I have totally forgotten about cycling being all about enjoyment and laughing.

For example this week I have been called an adrenaline junky because I get a buzz and enjoyment from cycling. Anyway I thought I would post the following pictures, I got off the internet (over time) - they are all cycling related - hopefully a few of them will be new for you and raise a smile. Either way, watching the #TDF or actually riding yourself? I hope you have a great weekend.

This would be me on my commute to work

And this would be my dog on his way to work

I hate her - 3 years old and already way cooler than me!

This is trust taken too far!

This is just what I need to protect me from crashing.

Nothing related to cycling (don't say) but it just made me laugh too much not to share.

Catch you all next week.

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