Monday, 18 July 2011

Time for a relax.

Just a little post to say I am taking a 2 week break from the Blog and from cycling on a regular basis. Multiple reasons for this:

1) Oh Lordy! I have a lot of work to do over the next two weeks including trips abroad.
2) I think I have overcooked it on the physical side of things recently.

I think I have been cycling too hard and too much recently – not for a younger fitter person, but for a middle aged guy who was very unfit 7 months ago. Despite my best efforts of eating more, I think I have just lost too much weight recently – not in terms of weight loss, though there has been some of this but also in my conversion of fat to muscle. To most people this would seem great, but I personally believe that as you get older you have to make these changes on a gradual basis and my body feels like it has been in a revolution recently. Yes I want to carry on and get fitter but I think my body just needs a couple of weeks to recoup from the last few months.

This last weekend I felt pretty awful – I was really tired and just could not sleep enough (despite sleeping 10 hours every night). So either I have a cold on the way (don’t think so) or my body is telling me to have a little down time. At my age I have learnt to listen to my body. I will still go for a couple of 5 mile rides (mostly at the weekend) just to keep my eye in but nothing too strenuous at all and certainly at a slow pace.

On top of all this I have also pulled a hamstring (nothing bad but it hurts none the less) and today I am feeling the knocks of when the policeman threw a person in front of me (see earlier post). It didn’t hurt last week but today for some reason it is.

So it is time for a chill pill, I will try and write on anything exciting over the next couple of weeks but work is definitely top of the agenda. I still want to do my mega post on the “getting people into cycling” that Google so kindly ate the first draft of, so maybe I can work on that when I have time?

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