Thursday, 5 May 2011

Speed Cameras

I have a dream – well an ambition really, but I hear things that start with “I have a dream” do quite well at getting a crowd going.

On my favourite hill (see earlier posts) well going into work it is because it goes downwards, there is a speed camera near the end – now I have never been able to go through it at full pelt - normally some car is worried about getting a fine and gets in the way (their fault for having a number plate).

Today I manage to have enough clear road to go through it at 36 mph, I believe I could get a max of about 39 – 40 mph with a clear road (please remember I am on a hybrid and I have 50 teeth on the front cog only) though it is feasible that I might spin my legs off totally. Even still the speed camera did not get up the gumption to take a picture of my magnificent feat! So just how fast am I going to have to do – I know my wife got a ticket for doing 39 mph in a car through it – maybe bikes are just too small to register?

There is just one question, if I did manage to set it off – say at 40 mph – I would want a copy of the picture. Do you think if I went to the police they would let me have it, or would they be their usual spoil sports and give me a fine instead? The fine and points on my license might be worth it though for such a glorious moment!

Or maybe I should just grow up and act my age and not my shoe size – how dull.

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