Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Comments or lack of

As I travel this interweb seeing various sites on cycling etc. I am left pondering one question – why do they get comments and I don’t?

I don’t think it is because I am not controversial enough – to be honest my tongue in cheek style is hardly politically correct – but no response.

OK topics – apart from my personal observations I think I tend to post on relevant topics – but no response

How about my poor English (I really should proof read before I post but well it just takes too long) – but still no snotty comments on my poor Engrish.

In-depth, pointless but sometimes useful reviews – still no feedback on preferred alternatives.

Lack of readership – well it’s a vicious circle here. Poor articles = low number of readers – so basically this is a non-point as we end up going back to the points above.

Links – well if I read something that I think is useful I post a link but I suppose we go back to low readership which equates to poor link usage from this site.

Maybe there are no other Mambos out there – hmmm I seem to pass many of them on the road (maybe they are out there all day and cannot get on a PC)?

So what should I do? I tell you what why don’t you comment below and let me know (ahh trickery that’s a new one).

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