Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thinking of buying a lock - then stop and read this.

Saw this very interesting site about a “man in his shed” who has designed a new lock.

I have moaned on this site before about locks – they are heavy and expensive. You end up having to buy a lock (if you want insurance) that cost upwards of £70 and seems to weigh as much as the bike itself - what does this lock achieve, well if you are lucky it will stop a thief with a pair of bolt cutters for about 10 seconds (wonder if you get the cost of the lock back with your insurance claim)?

So “man in his shed” has come up with a new design, it is made of titanium and it is a flat bar (you will need to go to the site to see why this is an advantage). Because of how it is built, the lock is much lighter and stronger than any others out there – it also is easy to attached to your bike without the need for expensive additional attachment bits and does not get in the way like current locks, all in all the design is elegant and practical.

I made a $5 donation to the guy (there is a link on the site) because it is about time someone smarter than I does something to deal with the situation. If you need to buy a lock you can donate $150 and you will also be sent one of the locks – if I needed a lock I would so buy one.

So go have a look at the site and see what you are missing. The link is HERE.

(There that was definitely an informative post)!

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