Thursday, 2 June 2011

Let those muscles ache.

In an attempt to push myself a little harder – I have decided to ignore sage advice and cycle through muscle ache.

Normally my routine would be as follows: Gym on a Sunday (sometimes) then cycle Monday (if the gym didn’t wear me out totally) and Tuesday into work, Wednesday take the train. Thursday and Friday cycle into work again. The reason being that after two days of fairly hard riding my muscles need time to repair (see earlier posts on this) so the break keeps me fresh. Now maybe it is old age but my body seems to have settled into this routine and cycling for 5 days in a row is no closer a target than it was 1 month ago.

So this week – I did a longer ride than normal on Bank holiday Monday and I have so far cycled into work on Tues, Wed, and Thurs – I was definitely aching this morning when I got up but it wasn’t too bad on the bike – but I cannot hit top speed for long - hmmm make that about 2 seconds.

So where will this lead me – to be honest I have no idea – I know tomorrow is going to be extra painful and I am not going to even look at the bike on Saturday. But I do have in my mind a serious desire to do a long ride (well 30 miles) on Sunday, time permitting. Will this push me over the edge and help me ride 5 days in a row? Well I shall let you know – that is if I can walk to the PC to type!

Edit - just went out to get some lunch at work - I think I maybe guilty of impersonating a Zombie with the way I walk right now - I am not looking forward to the ride home from work tomorrow!

Edit (2) - so it is Saturday now, not only did I manage to cycle into work on Friday and back but I also did a quick trip to a meeting I had to attend at lunchtime (about 13 miles extra). 

But all through Friday I tiredvery quickly tired if I went at a slightly aggressive pace, and this Saturday and I do ache - not as badly as I suspected though. The one thing that has saddened me though is I have done about 140 miles over the pot holed roads of London this week and it has hurt my lower back (an old sports injury) it is not my position but the clunking up and down over the rubbish road surfaces of London.

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