Monday, 6 June 2011

Getting Wet.

It was raining quite hard this morning but my ever trusty German weather App (hmm I should do a review on it – after all weather is an important factor in cycling) said that the rain would stop this afternoon. I decided to cycle in as I knew I would regret sitting on a train  going home with a bunch of people still damp and smelly from the morning rain.

So off I set – this time I wore my “Altura Nightvision” waterproof top and my cycle helmet – I really do wear it when conditions are slightly more risky. Boy, was I really glad I did decide to cycle in. About 2 miles into my ride I was overtaken by a single speeder, you know the type, about 20 years younger than me with calf muscles the size of my thighs. I decided I would ride with him – there was no doubting he was fitter than me and obviously a lot younger and I would imagine had ridden solidly for the last few years (I think he probably came out of his mother on a tricycle) but he was obviously hampered by no gears, though I think if his bike had been any lighter a slight breeze would have carried away.

When you have someone to follow it helps you keep up a pace – there then followed about 2 miles at 19 mph, then a couple more at about 21 mph, with the final 2 miles doing a good 23 mph before I turned off in a different direction.

It was so entertaining watching him go from cocky Mr. Cool – to glancing over his should every 4 seconds – I had no intention of overtaking him though during the 21mph phase I did have to hold back a bit. In three months it could be even more entertaining!

The nicest thing of all though was how easy the ride felt and although pushing hard I felt no major tiredness – I can honestly say that I think I am getting fitter and I think last week really helped push me past a tipping point in my trying to get fitter.

And the rain, well that was really rather pleasant and kept me cool – though I am glad to say (and here is a helpful tip) I was glad I brought a second pair of socks to cycle home in, the ones I used this morning are like a damp rag with no hope of drying before the ride back tonight.

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