Thursday, 23 June 2011

Support the Three Feet Rule

There is an excellent article on which deals with the "Three Feet Rule". This is basically where it is written into the highway code that any car passing a cyclist must allow 3 feet of space between them. 

This law makes perfect sense to me and is one of those baby steps towards getting more people cycling that I am always prattling on about. It costs nothing to put this law in place, no expensive road works no big redesign. But the effects will be wonderful - the roads will be safer and feel safer - it will encourage new people to take up cycling and make current cyclist safer, this law will save lives!

The "GGB" post asks you to contact you local MP and to send them an email to ask for their support to the rule. Don't worry they provide you with a browser link where you can quickly find and contact your local MP and they also provide a template letter you can use (though I did change it a little to make it more personal to me). All in all the process took less than 5 minutes, I think that all cyclists should take the time to do this and send an email to their MP, rather than complaining about the danger on the road - do something that will help reduce it.
As the blood bank slogan goes - do something wonderful today.

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