Friday, 24 June 2011

Things that have changed since I started cycling

I thought it might be fun to go over some of the things that have changed since I started cycling, things I used to do and now I don't.

1) Obviously I very rarely go on public transport now and when I do I feel very claustrophobic - I also find myself getting irate with the poor service very quickly. Before I was resigned to delays and almost accepted them as a fact of life, nowadays I know there is an alternative and I am much quicker to condone the pile of cr*p that it is.

2) I have much more physical energy (feel the force Luke) - although inherently lazy I find myself running up steps two at a time without thinking. As soon as I realise what a crazy fool I am being, I quickly revert back to slouching up the steps one at a time and slowly - I don't want to break habits of a lifetime after all.

3) When cycling I never bother going through the gears on my small chain ring any more. Basically it is all or nothing with me - I am either on the large chain ring (99.99% of the time) if I need to go into lower gear then I know I am totally knackered and go straight to the lowest gear possible - as soon as the hill disappears I go straight back onto the large chain ring. The hassle of going through the lower gears is just to much hassle, besides I am too lazy to try and figure out exactly what gear equates to what effort.

4)  I never bother to look at the rear cassette any more. I have SRAM gears on my bike and they don't come with the handy "what gear you are in indicator". This really troubled me at first (and it made me think seriously about buying the bike or not). When I started I was continually looking down and back a the rear cassette to see what gear I was in (slightly dangerous I know). I have long since learned that it doesn't matter what gear number you are in, it matters what cadence and speed you have (and also just how knackered I am).

5) I don't bother with my cycle info app any more - nowadays I am happy enough with the little speed indicator on my handlebar - all the other diagnostics of the cycle meter app (and it is good) are just too much information for me now. Besides I was continually forgetting to turn it off or on before or after a ride.

6) I have long since learned that some people are just in a different league to me when I cycle, there is just no point in even trying to keep up with them!

7) I have learnt how to make a blog - before, although I was very "tech savy" and would make websites etc. This blog has shown me it is much more simple to use standard tools - I am concerned about being conformist now though.

8) I have learnt to take more care with cyclists when I drive - I was always a courteous driver (I think) - but now I give even more space and I always make sure I indicate when I turn left now.

9) I have a lot less colds and flu - this is down to me no longer being cooped up on public transport with the great unwashed.

10) If I go two days without some good exercise I feel really bad - before I could manage 2 years before even the slightest guilt overcame me.

11) I still drink as much - some things will never change.

12) I enjoy the rain more (as long as I have a waterproof top that is).

13) My saddle height has gone up and I am no longer afraid of the razor they call a saddle.

14) I each lunch now.

15) I seem to spend hours trawling through bike shops thinking about what to buy next and looking at all the alternatives.

16) Owning one bike no longer seems to be enough.

What has changed for you?

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