Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Good with the Bad

Yet more evidence of my mortality yesterday (as if I needed any more). I ended up in hospital with a boulder sized Kidney stone rendering my life over. So there then followed a trip (after suffering for 24 hours hoping it would move) to Accident and Emergency, they couldn't get it moved either.

Next stop, an operation under general anaesthetic 5 hours later (I needed a period of starvation) and a lot of prodding and poking down an unmentionable tube. Anyway 12 hours later I am fine and drove back from hospital.
Now there are some among you (the regular readers) that will start to realise that I have issues with looking at the negative side of things and I am not one to dwell on things to much (especially if that entails any form of effort on my behalf) not sure if this is due to an optimistic personality or the fact that I am just plain immature. Therefore I bring you the good news of the whole proceedings that have taken place. I noticed that in my blood pressure tests (after the operation as they were a little scattered beforehand) that my at rest heartbeat has dropped by 15 since I have taken up cycling 7 months ago, YAY!

I can hereby confirm that although I may getting a little frayed around the edges - I am at least a fitter person and I am sure that will help stop the other fraying taking place so quick - you will for obvious reasons, excuse the shortness of this post.

Whilst in hospital I was thinking I have done very few review on equipment as of late - this I intend to remedy.

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