Saturday, 25 June 2011

A nice quote for the weekend

At work yesterday I was told of a wonderful quote for all bike commuters.

"Riding a bike into work, allows you to feel smug all day" - how very true.

An as an aside to all this I have been very pleased to see the number of readers of this blog has increased greatly over the last couple of weeks. I do hope that it offers some entertainment and occasionally some useful information. 

I try to offer an alternative view to what I see written in many other places. I feel this comes from the perspective of being a cyclist / motorist in equal parts and a fair amount of experience in actually working for some of the Government Departments so often criticized. Whilst it does not make the criticism less justified to me, it does mean I have an insight into how the often crazy decision making process comes about. 

I have no doubt that the Highway Experts in regional, Local and National Government look at some posts and think their writers are ill informed noobs, who don't see the whole picture (and in some cases this is right) but at the same time too large an amount of them do not really understand the plight of the cyclist. What has always made me wonder is why the two sides have never effectively sat down together and made each other aware of their various priorities. Actually, that is probably down to the fact even if you want to have a quick chat to the person sitting next to you in a Government office, then it seems necessary to book a meeting room and a time slot 3 weeks hence - I just find out what pub they use at lunchtime and accidentally bump into them there.

I shall content myself by sitting in my little bubble and continue to try and learn how to pedal properly, how to make it up a hill without having the urge to commit Hara-Kiri at the top, and concocting cunning plans to rid the world of London cab drivers. Whilst those with more knowledge than I on these matters, argue amongst themselves without educating each other.

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