Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Old age is killing me.

Life is getting me down - I have just recently discovered that I am no longer in my 20's and that I am also not indestructible!

It's my legs that have made this all abundantly clear to me. Last week I rode into work every day, I went at a reasonable speed but nothing too crazy. I had the intention of going on a longer ride today (Sunday) but I can't, my legs are really aching. Yesterday they seemed fine but today they are no co-operating with life on any level. Hence the reason for typing something into the blog for no-one to read (edit post typed on Sunday but added to blog on Wednesday).

The only thing I can sensibly ascertain from this, is that I am old. I know I can get better with more exercise and that there are people out there 30 to 40 years older than me still cycling. But the truth is that in the old days it took me a couple of months to get to a good level of fitness - now it is going to take about a year to make such a gain, all in all it is rather depressing and it will require patience and dedication (both of which I do not have in abundance).

I really am tired of people going past me on hills, on which, I perform a long way below the average. I have put a reasonable amount of time into improving my strength and endurance - but I really would like to see some gains in my hill cycling ability from all this effort by now, so far I seem to have improved not a jot.

Whilst I am at it (talking crud on my blog that is) - I just re-read the sub title of this blog and I fear that the "tongue in cheek" part has been severely lacking in recent posts (was it really there before)? Maybe I am becoming a grumpy old man as well now?

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